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We Build And Grow SaaS Businesses

An elite Technology & Business partner for scale-ups & enterprises driving towards innovation. Empowering businesses by devising digital strategy, consulting and implementation


Digital Strategy Consulting

Devising digital approaches for any business problem has been our core strength. Get results faster based on our collective experiences of more than 20 projects


Web & Mobile Development

Build enterprise grade web applications or rich features for any mobile screen, our experts ensure it's all creating value for and is loved by their users with an end-to-end solution.


Cloud Solution Architecture

To staying ahead of the competition and focusing on core product development our experts can help you with platform management of providers like AWS, Azure and GCP.



Fast-paced development and better time-to-market are the two key factors determining a company’s success. Our experts help you built the culture as well as tech.


API, Integrations

Expand your value channels by integrating to other providers or deliver your services as an api-first solution, our experts can extend your platform capabilities.


AI & Machine Learning

Get actionable insights, build smart application with ML models for any aspects of business. Our experts help you through building, training, tuning and deployments.


Data Science & Analytics

Get smart with the data. We audit, consult and implement effective data strategies for your organisation to gain an edge in the ever changing data-driven world.


Product Management

Product management anticipates customer needs and then guides product development to meet them. Our experts have led more than 20 projects to success.


Coaching & Training

Developing the next generation of leaders in digital strategy & business development as well as technology consultation and delivery is in our DNA and we are proud supporters.

Digital values, delivered.

We transform businesses by designing & developing custom software that potentially impact millions of people.

Leaders should focus on shipping great products, customer acquisition, team building and operations. Anything that distracts you will slow you down - A man presenting happy customer

How our process work?

Scaling up is hard but our process is simple.

Step 1


Get a baseline and a roadmap

Step 2


We build or advise on the digital strategy and development

Step 3


Go beyond series A & $1 million dollor Annual Recuring Revenue.

We've helped companies just like yours

Mat Colbron of TellMeBaby

“Having worked with Keyvan for several years, he has become a critical part of our team, an important advisor and friend. He is an excellent strategist that developed Tell Me Baby's technology strategy, product roadmap and resourcing plans. As a non-technical founding team, Keyvan has been able to step in and advise us on how to think about all different types of technology, apply it to our business case and to implement a product first strategy, creating clarity and velocity in our platform development

Mat Colbron
Co founder TellMeBaby
Customer Testimonial

“Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Nisl ornare ut ultrices lobortis id quis justo. Gravida ac et mauris bibendum lacu”

Andy Smith
Senior Designer at Youtube
Customer Testimonial

“Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Nisl ornare ut ultrices lobortis id quis justo. Gravida ac et mauris bibendum lacu”

Lily Woods
Senior Designer at Google


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